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The Oklahoma City Film & Creative Industries Office provides this listing service to our community of crew and support services companies without a fee. You can create your free listing in a few easy steps.

The Oklahoma City metro area Production Directory is a tool provided to companies interested in producing projects in the Oklahoma City metro area.  Its purpose is both to assist in the recruitment of projects by marketing the breadth of the Oklahoma City area resources and to assist outside producers in finding local crew and vendors once they have decided to film here. Though the Oklahoma City Film & Creative Industries Office does not represent any individual or company, it is our goal to encourage producers to utilize local resources whenever possible. Please read the information below before adding your listing(s) to the Directory.

The Production Directory is divided into 2 listing types, CREW and SUPPORT SERVICES. (Don’t worry: if you’re both, you can list in both. You’ll just have to create two separate accounts.)

You can now list credits chronologically in up to 5 categories, include IMDB links, website links, union affiliations, and even upload résumés and product brochures. All required fields are marked with asterisks (*).

Support Services Company Requirements


  • Oklahoma City support services companies must be entities selling or leasing products subject to Oklahoma City sales tax withholding and holding an Oklahoma City sales tax permit.

  • Please use standard formatting practices. Do not type in all caps or lower case.

  • Applicants, who fail to follow the listed guidelines or fail to provide accurate or complete information, will not have their listing approved.

  • To maintain a listing in Production Directory, you must log in and view and update your listing at least one a year.


Verification Process

Each listing is verified by our staff to ensure accuracy of the information provided to potential clients. Registrants are required to have at least one professional credit for each category. A category listing without professional credits will not be approved. Student projects and micro-budget independent projects are not professional credits and will not be accepted for the purposes of this database. New and updated listings will be temporarily unavailable until they have been verified.

The Oklahoma City Film & Creative Industries Office may randomly verify credits. You may be asked to provide references for each credit listed. A category listing without professional credits will not be approved.

The Oklahoma City Film & Creative Industries Office reserves the right to edit or delete listings. Any misrepresentation may cause your listings to be removed from the directory. We will correct factual errors that come to our attention, and we welcome all parties to inform us of inaccuracies.

If you have any questions regarding registration in for the Production Directory, please contact Jill Simpson at the Oklahoma City Film & Creative Industries Office directly at or (405) 297-8975.


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