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The Oklahoma City Film & Creative Industries Office (OKCFCIO) keeps records on all production work happening in the Oklahoma City metro area, although a permit is only required for certain filming activities. We ask you to fill out the Film Information Form about your production, even if you do not need a filming permit. It collects basic information about your production: project name, contact information, projected local spend, and crew size. Completing the form is not binding or a means of collecting fees of any kind; it simply allows OKCFCIO to keep track of what productions are happening locally.

The permitting process is two-fold:

Step 1:  You will need a Letter of Support from our office (The Oklahoma City Film & Creative Industries Office) + the Film Permit from the City of Oklahoma City.

To receive your LETTER OF SUPPORT, please download + fill out the Film Information Form PDF at the link below and email it to Jill Simpson at the Oklahoma Film & Creative Industries Office.

Film Information Form

Step 2:  Once you have received your letter of support via email from OKCFCIO, you will upload it when applying for the Oklahoma City Film Permit.

The process and fee structure varies depending on the type of production. Contact Drew Watson for more information.

A City of Oklahoma City Film Permit is required if filming activities occur on/from City rights-of-way (including streets, sidewalks, easements) including:

  • Film equipment is placed on City of Oklahoma City property

  • Production and/or crew vehicles are parked on City of Oklahoma City property

  • City street and/or pedestrian walkways are blocked

  • Filming activities occur in a Design District or Historic Preservation District

  • Special circumstances exist, including:

    • If filming in a City Park (excluding Scissortail Park and Myriad Gardens), please contact the Parks Department’s Special Events Staff at (405) 297-2691 or for permitting

    • If filming at/on a City reservoir (Lake Hefner, Lake Overholser, Lake Draper), please contact the Water Utilities Trust at (405) 297-2422 or for permitting. Apply here.

    • If using pyrotechnics, you must obtain a permit through the OKCFD.  Please contact Prevention Services at (405) 297-3584.

    • If needing off-duty OCPD (Oklahoma City Police Department) officers, please contact OCPD Special Events Unit at (405) 297-1144.  If having simulated violence, you must have security on-site.  If weapons are to be used, at least one local officer must be included in your security team while filming.  Officer can be from OCPD, OCSO (Oklahoma  County Sheriff’s Office), or OHP (Oklahoma Highway Patrol).

    • If needing to reserve metered parking spaces, you must first obtain a filming permit.  One you have it, please contact Embark at (405) 297-1331

    • If filming within a Design District or Historic Preservation District, any changes to properties must be reviewed and may require approval from the Planning Department.  To find out more about Oklahoma City’s Design Review and Historic Districts, please visit The City of Oklahoma City Special Events Office.

The City of Oklahoma City will also require the following (email all to


  1. Permit Application – Please complete the application and provide all applicable information. Feel free to send in application while gathering other required items.

  2. Event Site Plan – a basic map showing the affected area and what might be set for filming (i.e. production vehicles/equipment, police/security, large props, etc.).

  3. Traffic Control Plan and/or ITC
    If you are needing ITC (intermittent traffic control), you must hire off-duty OCPD officers. Please contact the OCPD Special Events Unit at (405) 297-1144.

    If requesting a hard closure, you must submit a traffic control plan (an additional permit will be required). Traffic controls should be placed by a prequalified company. Please provide a copy of your contract, if applicable.


  4. Waste Plan This can be a written description or included in the site map by showing wastebins, restrooms, dumpsters, etc.). Define the plan to make sure waste is handled and not left behind, please include contracts for waste services, if applicable.)

  5. Insurance Coverage minimums found here. City must be listed as Certificate Holder and as Additional Insured with the following address:

    City of Oklahoma City
    200 N. Walker Avenue
    Oklahoma City, OK 73102


  6. Notification and Closure Petition – Even if not wishing to close the street, written notice to affected residents and property owners is required. We do not want residents and business owners surprised by your production. If seeking a hard street closure, a completed street closure petition will be required.


Review Process

After you have developed your plan for filming in OKC, here is our approval process:

  1. Contact the Special Events Office with any questions. We will help you find the answers.

  2. Submit application and filming plans to the Special Events Office.

  3. Follow all guidelines presented here.

  4. Pay invoice once sent to receive final approved permit.

  5. Execute plans as communicated.


Special Events Information Resources

Oklahoma City Special Events Guide, Website, Outdoor Special Events Ordinance


Still not sure? Reach out to the Drew Watson at the City of Oklahoma City Special Events Office at (405) 297-2890 or

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