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First movies approved for OKC film rebate

This week, the Oklahoma City Council approved the first two films for the city’s new film rebate program. More than $1 million was approved if the films hit certain benchmarks.

Local writer, director and producer Benjamin Tefera’s upcoming feature film “Defiant Vanity” was one of the films approved. The film will star veteran actor Sean Gunn who is well-known for his role as Kraglin Obfonteri in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The second film is a summer 2024 tentpole release for a major studio that can't be disclosed because of prior agreements about the film.

The Oklahoma City Film Incentive Program provides filmmakers rebates between 5% and 10% of qualified expenses for production and post-production activities. Hotel stays, catering, set construction, editing and photography are just some of the activities that could be deemed as qualified expenses under the incentive program.

Only feature films, television series, including certain types of streaming series, TV pilots and reality TV programs are eligible for the rebates.

The undisclosed film will spend more than $46 million in Oklahoma City and has a total budget of nearly $200 million. The expected economic impact of the film on the local economy is estimated to be $258 million.

With a budget of $650,000, “Defiant Vanity” is expected to have an economic impact of $1.2 million in the community.

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