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'It's bittersweet': Oklahomans ready for the final season of 'Reservation Dogs'

From the Deer Lady to the Tall Man, the hit streaming series "Reservation Dogs" has worked many Native American legends into its episodes over its past two critically acclaimed seasons.

But it's the myths that the made-in-Oklahoma show has busted in the past two years that Crystal Echo Hawk appreciates the most.

"There's been a longstanding myth that 'Oh, well, it's only going to be Native people that are interested in Native content. The Native population is not that big, so therefore, there's not a real audience for this.' And I think one of the many, many powerful things that 'Reservation Dogs' did was blow the lid off that and really show that Native stories are for everyone," said Echo Hawk, founder and executive director of the Tulsa-based Native woman-led racial and social justice organization IllumiNative.

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